Center for Public Policy Transformation (“Transformasi”)

    Indonesia needs a new generation of leaders who possess the courage and commitment to do things differently. They will put the interests of the people first, and prioritize policies that promote economic growth, equity, and sustainability.

They will keep a close eye on policy innovations in other countries, provinces, and districts to identify pragmatic, tested solutions to economic and social problems.

Center for Public Policy Transformation ("Transformasi") is envisioned as an Indonesia-based independent networked think tank that engages policy makers, scholars, and the public in the investigation of public problems, the design, and development of solutions and monitoring and evaluation of results.

Policy research is most useful when policy makers and the public take an active role in identifying problems, designing studies, and evaluating results. The main aim is to create active knowledge networks that close the gap between policy makers, scholars, and communities, harnessing the capabilities and efforts of all stakeholders to solve local, regional, and national problems.

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