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Promoting Innovation, Enhancing the Quality of Public Services
March 26, 2014

JAKARTA (03/24) — the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform invited a number of District Heads/City Mayors to attend and participate in the “Knowledge Sharing Forum – Inovasi Pelayanan Publik”. The invitees are the alumni of Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education program, widely known as “Leadership Transformation in Indonesia” which is an element of Harvard Kennedy School Indonesia program – a joint program between Ministry of Home Affairs and Harvard Kennedy School supported by Rajawali Foundation. This forum was for all district heads/city mayors alumni from batch 2011, batch 2012, and batch 2013; and held at the auditorium of the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform office in Jakarta.

Innovation is one of the key words to accelerate the improvement of public services. In Indonesia, many efforts have been taken to improve the quality of the public services. Several heads of district/city mayors have succesfully implemented innovations in various sectors of public service. The government through Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform has tried systematically to foster, compile and share these best practices. The Ministry initiated a movement called “One Agency, One Innovation” to help accelerate progress of the above.

The forum was officially opened by the Vice Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, Prof Eko Prasojo, and attended by Kepala Badan Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Kementerian Dalam Negeri, Mr. Achmad Zubaidi, Faculty Chair Harvard Kennedy School Indonesia Program, Jay Rosengaard, Mr. Sarwono Kusumaatmadja, and President Rajawali Foundation, DR. Jonathan Pincus. Director of Center for Public Policy Transformation, Nugroho Wienarto and Director of Rajawali Foundation, Agung Binantoro were also present in the forum. During the day, the forum explored best practices that have been implemented by the District Heads/City Mayors. The goal is to share and learn about innovations, experiences, and best practices, that are being or were implemented, so that others can replicate in their own regions.

One  example of such innovations is the drive thru based-vehicle testing, presented by the Mayor of Denpasar, Bali. The drive thru based-vehicle testing is an improvement of the existing system. However, it is better because public or the service users do not need to get out of  their vehicle when it is being tested. This surely would shorten the time needed for the service – to only 26 minutes. The system does not need a large parking area either, because public do not need to park their vehicles during the service process.

Another example of innovations is a model to ensure effectiveness in targeting and complementing the poverty alleviation program between central and regionals using an Integrated Database (Basis Data Terpadu/BDT). This model was presented by District Head of Belitung Timur. Data and experiences were shared with regard to his district efforts to promote effective targeting, higher sinergy, and more decentralized target setting approach in social protection program.

In his remarks, Director of Rajawali Foundation, Agung Binantoro emphasized that “Rajawali Foundation, now in collaboration with the Center of Public Policy Transformation (Transformasi), has been and will always suppport the capacity enhancement for public policy research and teaching in Indonesia to produce high quality research on challenges faced by Indonesia”. As widely known, Transformasi has a vision to be the center that supports the network of policy makers, researchers, and public at large, in assessing policy problems and crafting an innovative and effective solutions. Transformasi aims to help develop the public policy-making process which is based on facts and evidence. Through this method, quality public policies would be generated for the prosperity, equality, and harmony in Indonesia.


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