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Lighting Up Hope through Education in East Java
July 20, 2014

Guided by the goals drafted in its Vision and Missions, Rajawali Foundation takes part in the development of the community in Indonesia, through the Rajawali Foundation Formal Education Philanthropy Program. The program is established based on the 5 crucial philanthropy principles; SMART (sustainable, measurable, accountable, responsible, and targeted). This philanthropy program is aimed to support students in Indonesia with outstanding academic performance for their formal education, yet hindered by financial disadvantages. In July 2014, Rajawali Foundation granted scholarship to a student in East Java, who passed her 9th grade national exam with the second highest score in Jombang district, to continue her study onto High School.

JOMBANG, EAST JAVA (16/7) — It has been drafted in its Vision and Missions, that Rajawali Foundation takes part to contribute in community development and to foster well-educated society in Indonesia. Because of that, the Rajawali Foundation team made a visit to a little house faraway in a small village of Ngoro, surrounded by paddy field and ponds, in Jombang district, East Java. The team came to see Rokam Budiono and Marianah, the parents of Khusnul Khotimah, a student who passed her 9th grade national exam with the highest score in Jombang but decided to work in a bread factory rather than continuing her education, due to her family economic situation. The Rajawali Foundation team came along the way, to provide Khusnul with scholarship, so that she will be able to continue her education until she passes the 12th grade and achieve her big dream to become a good teacher for Indonesia. The scholarship for Khusnul is the first step of the Rajawali Foundation Formal Education Philanthropy Program to reach more children across the archipelago, to have equal chance in getting the best of formal education for them.

Khusnul Khotimah, an alumni of SMPN 1 Ngoro Jombang, scored 38,30 on her Junior High School National Exam, out of the highest scale of 40,00. Her score was recorded as the second highest rank in the entire Jombang district. Her father works as a sand porter who earns unfixed daily income averagely below 50,000 rupiah (US$ 5), while her mother is a housewife with zero income. Khusnul is the second child in her family, her 19 years old elder sister suffered the epileptic syndrome since she was 3 years old which makes her unable to do activities normally like people in her age, while her little sister is only 4 years old and has not enrolled in any school yet. Currently, Khusnul became the only hope for her family, and these are the reasons why she decided to earn some money in bread factory in Malang to support her family financial problem, rather than continuing her education.

The case of Khusnul was written in an article and published by a journalist of Jawa Pos, and Rajawali Foundation immediately responded this article with such initiative. Through an effective coordination with Mr. Toto, Khusnul’s student affairs teacher in SMPN 1 Ngoro Jombongan, the philanthropy visit went well. The scholarship for the first semester has been paid directly to the school, and has been received by Mr. Abdul Muis, the Vice Principle of SMAN 1 Ngoro. For coming semesters, the scholarship will be transferred directly to the school’s account. The scholarship program will be monitored every semester, and based on the student’s academic achievement minimum average score of 7.5 (seven point five) out of the highest scale of 10. According to Mr. Santoso, the Principal of SMPN 1 Ngoro Jombang, who knows Khusnul very well, Khusnul would be able to consistently fulfill the applied requirements. The similar good response also expressed by the Principle of SMAN 1 Ngoro Jombang, Mr. Achmad Damanhuri. He will always help monitor the learning progress of Khusnul Khotimah, to support the Rajawali Foundation formal education philanthropy program.

“Rajawali Foundation will continue to contribute in education of society in Indonesia, by lighting up hope for the nation’s future generation through educational philanthropy program,” said Agung Binantoro, Rajawali Foundation Program Director. “Our hope on Khusnul is for her to become an inspiration to her fellow brothers and sisters in East Java and as well across Indonesian Archipelago, to be persistent to achieve their dreams, through best education available for them. We firmly believe investment to overcome social issue in education is worthwhile, as it will form a strong basis for the economy of this Nation,” Binantoro added. 

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