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Daylight DayTrip with Yayasan Elsafan
October 8, 2014

That early Tuesday morning, an Eagle High bus was passing along Jagorawi Highway, driving the happiness away of The children of Yayasan Elsafan—an Indonesian social service institution for the Blinds, followed by some cars of Rajawali Group and heading to Bogor for a Daylight Daytrip activity, an initiative of Rajawali Foundation.

Education for children with Special Needs

The convoy was arriving at 8.30 sharp in KUNTUM Farm field, and the entire participants from Yayasan Elsafan and Rajawali Group were blending in and got to know each other one by one.

Daylight Daytrip is a program to support education for children with special needs, by giving them an experience of outdoor activities and learning through observation, as a part of Rajawali Foundation’s focus agendas; community outreach and school development.

“In this very special chances, Rajawali Foundation collaborates with Rajawali Corpora are inviting Yayasan Elsafan to share a brand new experience to the kids of Yayasan Elsafan through a direct observation with animals, plants, and farm life that they have been knowing by name in the classroom, but this time they get to touch, hear, and smell their presence around them,” said Anugraha Dezmercoledi, Rajawali Foundation Program Manager during the opening mark of Daylight Daytrip.

Some of Rajawali’s Business Units were also sending their representatives to participate in this program, including; BATR, PremiAir, Velo Networks, Agriculture Division, Rajawali TV and Express Group.

Play with the Nature

The excitement had already begun just in the front hall of KUNTUM Farm field. While waiting for the instructions from the farmer guide, the Elsafan Kids were showing off their singing talent and successfully amazed all the Rajawali fellows there.

Not long after, the Farmer guide came, he divided the group into four small groups to make sure that the Elsafans Kids were safely supervised by Elsafan mentors as well as Rajawali fellows. Before entering the farm area, each person were given Caping—a farmer’s hat, to be worn to avoid sun heat while we were at the farm; it was really fun! We were totally becoming a farmer for a day.

And the exploration was started by hopping from sheepfold to cowshed to hutch, and so on. Assisted by the mentor and Rajawali Fellows, each Elsafan kid, one by one, was interacting with farm animals like sheep, cow, rabbit, marmot, duck, chicken, and birds. They were also feeding the animals with the food that already prepared by the farmer guide.

At first, the kids were afraid to approach the animals, but after some explanations and assured them that these animals are tame and friendly animals, they eventually began to boldly touching the animal. In fact, they dare to hold rabbits and marmots, while being curious to ask anything about these farm animals to the mentors. They look very happy and excited with these activities.

Later, after a short break in a hut in the middle of the farm, it was time to harvest vegetables. But before leaving for the vegetable field’s area, each Elsafan Kids were given a wooden basket each, where they put vegetable crops.

In the field, they were taught by the farmer guide, how to harvest the plants such as; potatoes, corn, spinach, lettuce, peppers, and others. And when the harvesting time was over, they returned to the hut excitedly, with heavy baskets full of crops and veggies.

The last and most exciting activity; Catching-the-Goldfish game! The game was set in a fish pond with a depth of 40 cm. All the Elsafan Kids, mentors, and Rajawali fellows was then preparing themselves to get in to the pool with all their pants rolled up to the knee, so ready to get wet! The excitement of these Elsafan Kids could no longer be restrained. Many of the kids who prefer to dip their entire body to catch the fish.

Catching a fish is quite challenging for the people with normal vision actually, but we were so impressed with the high enthusiasm of the Elsafan Kids, as their using their instinct and sense of touch, it seemed pretty easy for them to catch the fish as they were swimming freely in the pond.

We Lend Them Our Eyes, So They Taught Us How To Feel

After a quite tiring day, yet very exciting, exploring KUNTUM Farmfield, we went back to the hut and had our lunch there. Once we finished our lunch, Mutiara (24) represented other Elsafan Kids to express how impress they are with the experiences they had that day.

"Today, I got a lot of unforgettable experiences; I can touch farm animals, I can harvest the vegetables by my own, I earn plenty of new knowledge, and I feel a great attention given from the people of Rajawali who are willingly to guide and assist us since the beginning of this day," said Mutiara.

Before closing the day, Harry Pramono representing Rajawali Corpora and Rajawali TV, and Erna Komariah representing Velo Networks, were giving the gift mementos to the Elsafan Kids, that were represented by Ara (8) and Dennis (14).

That day, the Elsafan Kids went home with a pack of gift mementos, vegetables that they harvest by themselves, and fishes that they catch on their own. While us, the fellows of Rajawali, were going home with a feeling of gratitude for all God's gift that we enjoy to this day.

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