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GURU K.I.T.A by Rajawali Foundation and Banyuwangi Government; A Collaborative Trainning Program for Inclusive Teacher to Enhance Inclusive Education Quality
December 16, 2014

BANYUWANGI (12/15) – Made Danuarta, A 9-year-old student of a public school in Banyuwangi, seemed to be just another ordinary student at a glance, until Elanda Rostina, M. Pd., and Dra. Ages Soerdjana, the Inclusive Education Experts called Made to come up and stand in front of the participants of 'Guru K.I.T.A’ Workshop and Training Program in the auditorium of SMP Negeri 1 Giri, Banyuwangi. Guru K.I.T.A stands for Teacher’s Reference of The Integrated Inclusive Class.

Made is a very energetic kid. Though, he has difficulty to communicate with other people, his proficiency in English is excellent, also his speed to do some math counting in large numbers to billions could be done correctly without the need of using calculator. These characteristics of Made are showing that he belong to the group of children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)—it is a disorders that disrupting the development in children's motoric activities that causing a child tends to do lots of exaggerated activities and uncommon behavior. Made is one of the many features and many children with special needs in Banyuwangi Region. Children like Made are looking forward to have a teacher who understands their differences to get proper education at school, and to be given an access to inclusive education in the area where he lived.

In August 2014, the Regent of Banyuwangi had declared Banyuwangi as an inclusive region. Hearing this news, Rajawali Foundation was very enthusiast to support such move that made by the Banyuwangi Regent and shortly planned a collaboration to organize a training program for inclusive teacher to enhance inclusive education quality in Banyuwangi. Rajawali Foundation, as a philanthropic institution committed to the Public Policy, sees the policy that related to equal opportunities to access good quality education for normal children and children with special needs, as a policy that necessarily needs to be supported.

"Education is the very basic of human right for all children, of whom it is including the children with disabilities," said Anwar Abdullah Ana, the Regent of Banyuwangi.

The Inclusive education is an education system that is designed to enable students and student with special needs to learn together in the same school. The system aims is to eliminate any possible obstacles faced by children in accessing equal opportunities to education. At the present time, Banyuwangi already has 9 Model Schools of Inclusive Education. These 9 model school were chosen by the Regent to be a pilot school that providing inclusive education for the students.

The model schools of Inclusive Education are equipped with certain infrastructure and facilities that are accessible for children with disabilities, however they are still lacking of qualified inclusive teachers who know-how to handle children with special needs. In correspondence to this, Rajawali Foundation has developed a program to change paradigm of teaching and learning in the inclusive classroom, and also improving the teaching skills and empathy to the students with special needs toward the inclusive schools.

"This whole training device is expected to improve the capability of inclusive school’s teachers, while the output of this program will be helpful in preparing a roadmap of development to each school that contributing to the success of inclusive education in Banyuwangi," said Agung in Banyuwangi Regent's office on Monday (12/15/2014).

During the execution of this program, Rajawali was involving Innovera, an inclusive education consultant to provide training materials. The program was a four days training that started from 15 to 18 December 2014, and the syllabus of the program were about; how to handle children with special needs, build empathy for educators and child-friendly inclusive education, inclusive school management, observation and teaching practice in inclusive schools to the children with special needs.

The participant teachers were seemed to be very active in participating the discussions with the instructor and very enthusiastic in learning new knowledge throughout the training.


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