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It's time to grow up for Indonesian Higher Education May 6, 2015
Menurut Bank Dunia, 30 persen tenaga kerja Indonesia yang berusia 30-45 tahun membutuhkan pelatihan kembali. Pemerintah dapat mendorong akademi, perguruan tinggi, dan universitas untuk bekerja sama dengan industri untuk membentuk program kejuruan khusus untuk mengatasi kekurangan keterampilan tertentu di pasar tenaga kerja. Ada banyak eksperimen serupa yang menciptakan inovasi. Intinya adalah reformasi sektor pendidikan tinggi mungkin akan dimulai dengan langkah-langkah kecil, dan bukan pula sebuah lompatan raksasa. Seiring waktu, pemerintah dan akademisi di Indonesia semoga menyadari, persaingan dan keterbukaan merupakan hal yang baik untuk mendewasakan pendidikan tinggi di negeri ini. read more
GURU K.I.T.A by Rajawali Foundation and Banyuwangi Government; A Collaborative Trainning Program for Inclusive Teacher to Enhance Inclusive Education Quality December 16, 2014
BANYUWANGI (12/15) – In August 2014, the Regent of Banyuwangi had declared Banyuwangi as an inclusive region. Rajawali Foundation was very enthusiast to support such move that made by the Banyuwangi Regent and shortly planned a collaboration to organize a training program called Guru K.I.T.A, which stands for Teacher’s Reference of The Integrated Inclusive Class. Guru K.I.T.A is a trainning program for inclusive teacher to enhance inclusive education quality in Banyuwangi. read more
Rajawali Foundation and TRANSFORMASI gathered Regents and Mayors in Banyuwangi; An Effort to Deliver Innovative Leadership in Region November 23, 2014
BANYUWANGI (11/21) — In an effort to increase the capacity of local governments in creating innovative public policy, TRANSFORMASI gathered 11 regents and mayors from some regions around Indonesia, in Banyuwangi, for three days, from 20 to 22 November 2014. The agenda of this event featured some consultations and discussions to study a variety of problems and to explore the needs of local governments in public policy-related capacity building toward various sectors. read more
Transformasi Offers an Economic Choice to Jokowi October 10, 2014
JAKARTA (10/09) — Political turbulence is not the only major challenge that will be faced by the government of Joko Widodo – Jusuf Kalla. The new President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia will also face a momentous economic challenge. read more
Daylight DayTrip with Yayasan Elsafan October 8, 2014
BOGOR (10/7) – Daylight Daytrip is a program to support education for children with special needs. Rajawali Foundation collaborates with Rajawali Corpora, are inviting Yayasan Elsafan to share a brand new experience to the kids of Yayasan Elsafan through a direct observation with animals, plants, and farm life in KUNTUM Farmfield located in Bogor, West Java. read more
On The Train Dialogue; Exploring the Economic Potential of Jakarta-Surabaya Double Track Railroad August 28, 2014
SEMARANG, CENTRAL JAVA (27/8) – The acceleration of National economy is very much correlated with these 4 important agendas; infrastructure availability, advance transportation system, information socialization, and good intention and mindset from the nation’s economy movers. The physical development of the double track railroad from Jakarta to Surabaya that has been completed was expected to be utilized effectively, in order to extent the acceleration of economy from the region up to the national scale. read more
Lighting Up Hope through Education in East Java July 20, 2014
JOMBANG, EAST JAVA (16/7) — Guided by the goals drafted in its Vision and Missions, Rajawali Foundation takes part in the development of the community in Indonesia, through the Rajawali Foundation Formal Education Philanthropy Program. The program is established based on the 5 crucial philanthropy principles; SMART (sustainable, measurable, accountable, responsible, and targeted). This philanthropy program is aimed to support students in Indonesia with outstanding academic performance for their formal education, yet hindered by financial disadvantages. In July 2014, Rajawali Foundation granted scholarship to a student in East Java, who passed her 9th grade national exam with the second highest score in Jombang district, to continue her study onto High School. read more
Asia Public Policy Forum 2014; RFIA brings together Indonesian and Asian policy makers and leaders in Vietnam June 9, 2014
HO CHI MINH CITY (6/6) — Harvard Kennedy School Indonesia Program and the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program organized the fourth Asia Public Policy Forum 2014 entitled: “Urban Transport and Land Use in Rapidly Growing Asian Cities” on June 5-6, 2014 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. read more
Promoting Innovation, Enhancing the Quality of Public Services March 26, 2014
JAKARTA (03/24) — The Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform invited a number of District Heads/City Mayors to attend and participate in the “Knowledge Sharing Forum – Inovasi Pelayanan Publik”. The invitees are the alumni of Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education program– a joint program between Ministry of Home Affairs and Harvard Kennedy School supported by Rajawali Foundation. This forum was for all district heads/city mayors alumni from batch 2011, batch 2012, and batch 2013; and held at the auditorium of the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform office in Jakarta. read more
Rajawali Takes Part to Assist Recovery Process for Mount Sinabung Victims March 20, 2014
KARO, NORTH SUMATRA (03/20) — Rajawali Care, under the coordination of Rajawali Foundation, and the supports by Business Units Express Group, Archipelago Indonesia and Green Eagle Group, were moved to deliver an act of social action to assist the victims of Mount Sinabung disaster. The assistance is focusing on post disaster recovery, especially to the children who are attending the primary education on formal schools (from the 1st grade to the 12th grade students), whom needed to catch up with the lectures due to the disaster disruption to their learning activities. read more
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