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Rajawali Foundation and Indonesian Red Cross Provide Clean Water Supplies for Kelud Disaster Victims March 19, 2014
JAKARTA (03/19) — The volcanic eruption in February 14th has causing damages to many houses and making the citizens’ activities to be temporary halted. While continuously monitoring the post-disaster situation from the capital city of Jakarta, The Rajawali Group and Rajawali Foundation through the Rajawali Care social program, is establishing a partnership with The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) to assist the recovery process for the impacted areas from this natural disaster. read more
Symposium; the Center for Policy Research and Education September 11, 2013
JAKARTA (09/10) — a strategic discussion aimed to bring together ideas in an effort to improve Public Policy in Indonesia was held by Rajawali Foundation. Collaborating with Ford Foundation, the two philanthropic institutions succeeded to gather Public Policy scholars, expertise, researchers, and social activists from various local and foreign institutions, in an ‘Establishment of the Center for Policy Research and Education in Indonesia’ Symposium, which conducted on a Tuesday morning, in Ford Foundation’s Auditorium, Sequis Centre Building, Jakarta. The Centre for Policy Research and Education (CPRE) will be established as an independent institution, with its focus on integrated research and public policy application in Indonesia, under the coordination of Dr. Jonathan Pincus, a former Dean of Fullbright Economics Teaching Program and Harvard Kennedy School’s academic member, and was originally an initiative from Rajawali Foundation. read more
Transforming Indonesian Leaders onto the Next level August 26, 2013
JAKARTA (08/25) — The Expanded Leadership Transformation in Indonesia Program was officially started, as Drs. Reydonnizar Moenek, M. Devt.M, an expert staff of Ministry of Home Affairs on political, law, and institution affairs department addressed his expectation towards this collaboration program between MoHA, Harvard Kennedy School, Northwestern University, and Rajawali Foundation through his speech that marks the beginning of this program on Sunday afternoon at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta. read more
Rajawali Foundation to Foster Social Policy; Asia Public Policy 2013 May 31, 2013
May 2013, JAKARTA – The Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia (RFIA), in collaboration with AusAID, National Team for Accelerating Poverty Reduction (TNP2K), and Harvard University Asia Center, were organizing The Asia Public Policy Forum 2013 (APPF) for 3 consecutive days, starting from May 28th, in Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia. About 120 participants from Indonesia and Overseas were attending this academic forum. The attendees that consisted of policy makers, scholars, researchers and representatives of the community, were coming all the way to join the discussion related to public policies and social issues, particularly in Asia region. read more
Rajawali Foundation Launch the Harvard Kennedy School Indonesia Program 2013 January 31, 2013
JAKARTA (01/30) — Rajawali Foundation, together with Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) launch the “Indonesia Program 2013” in Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta on Thursday, January 30, 2013. The launching was attended by the representatives of Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of education and culture, Ministry of Forestry, Embassy of the United States, and scholars read more
Rajawali Foundation Signed an MoU with the Ministry of Defense Republic of Indonesia October 11, 2012
JAKARTA (10/10) — Rajawali Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Defense Republic of Indonesia, for a collaboration to advance the educational training about defense knowledge. read more
Rajawali Foundation CSR to Panti Sosial Tresna Werdha Usada Mulia 5 June 25, 2012
JAKARTA (08/08) — Rajawali Foundation held a CSR activity in Panti Sosial Tresna Werdha Usada Mulia 5, a nursing home located in Cengkareng, West Jakarta. The nursing home was established by J.S. Nasution in 1975 as a rehabilitation and social service center that aimed to improve the life quality of socially neglected people that found around Jakarta. Rajawali Foundation hopes this social activity would give positive impacts to all participating parties. read more
Rajawali Foundation CSR to Karya Sosial Atma Brata May 25, 2012
JAKARTA (05/24) — Jakarta, as a capital city of Indonesia, should have been possessed the image of the most developed city in Indonesia with equal level of welfare for its entire citizen. Yet, the fact shows the opposite condition from people’s general assumption towards this metropolis city. Rajawali Foundation visited the so-called ‘Kampung Nelayan’ or literally translated as Fishermen Village in the area of Cilincing, North Jakarta. Citizen who reside here are mostly people who work as fishermen with very low income. Housing in this village were built upon the land that have no certificate of land ownership, and there were about 3,000 families that have not yet officially registered as civil Jakarta citizens. To these people, they find it tough to fulfill primary needs; they hardly ever think to have they secondary needs. read more
A Social Visit to Sekolah Darurat Kartini April 23, 2012
JAKARTA (04/20) – Rajawali Foundation and Rajawali Group Business Units; Express Group, Green Eagle Group, and BATR, paid a social caring visit to Sekolah Darurat Kartini—a school for the street kids and children who are living below the poverty line and cannot afford education fee in public school. read more
The 3rd CSR Gathering March 28, 2012
JAKARTA (03/27) — Rajawali Foundation conducted its quarterly agenda of the 3rd CSR Gathering in SKATEK Hall, Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport with the generosity of PremiAir to take the role as the co-host for this event. The event was attended by CSR department representatives from each of Rajawali Group Business Units, and Ayok B. Witoyo, an expert in CSR who is also a Director & Senior Trainer in CaptureAsia Indonesia as the guess speaker for this event. read more
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